3 step Prescription Foot and Hand Treatment

Do you suffer with chaffed, tired, and cracked skin on your hands and feet.  Journey's fairy dust can help. 


  • 1

     Drop Step 1 into tub basin and fill foot basin with warm water. Ease your feet into the moisturizing  mixture. Proceed to soak your feet for a minimum of 20 minutes. Don’t scrub your  feet during the soaking phase. Once the cracked skin on  your heels has softened, remove your feet from the tub.

  • Please have a towel close by to catch the water , when foot is removed from basin. Pat Dry Feet with towel.

  • 2

    Gently but vigorously  scrub your feet with step two mixture.  Scrape your cracked heels repeatedly until you have reduced the dead skin  significantly. Be careful not to puncture your skin.  After you have scrubbed feet to deisred softness,  rinese and towel  dry your feet thoroughly.

  • 3

    Apply step 3, Moisturize repeatedly.  Replicate this step to prevent the cracked skin from  reforming on the bottom of your heels.

  •  Before going to bed each night apply  another thick layer of moisturizer to heal the skin while you sleep.

  •  Cover your  feet with thick cotton socks to seal the oil into your  skin.

  • Follow up with Journey Body cream nightly and repeat the above steps weekly




 *For Hand soak, please follow the same directions .   


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