Body Scrub

Eczema scrubs are ideal for removing the dry, flaky skin that can be so irritating to those who suffer from eczema. With symptoms that range from dryness to scaling, redness, burning, swelling, and bleeding, eczema can be extremely uncomfortable. Using an eczema scrub helps to decrease the inflammation that occurs in the upper layers of the skin, providing relief from itching while helping to heal sores.

A good eczema scrub helps to control the bacteria contributing to outbreaks. A good eczema scrub will not strip or block moisture from the skin, but rather will allow the skin to accept and retain more moisture.

Gently use scrub to exfoliate the skin in a continuous circular motion. Rinse excess off and pat dry

*Follow up with either a butters by Nicole Cross or Body Cream. 

Apply an eczema moisturizer after you have rinsed and dried the skin thoroughly to insure that the skin retains the effects of the scrub. 

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