Natural Bar Soap

Small Batches of handmade soap bars  that bring a freshness and invirgorating bathing experience. At Nicole Cross  we artfully infuse our handmade, natural soap bars with creativity and a sense of peace. 

Our Soap Alchemist makes each natural soap bar using a blend of olive oil, coconut oil, sunflower oil, as well as  dried and infused botanicals.  The  best 100% natural soap scents ,  pure essential oils and fragrance oils available. We offer several fragrance free varieties and new varieties of natural soap bars are always on the horizon. 

Our naturally adventurous soap bars will totally transform your bar soap experience! Each large 6 oz  bar our natural soap is a rich, creamy, bodaciously bubbly bar of goodness!


In fact, our quickly growing family of soap customers says our natural bar soaps are an new guilty pleasure.  Treat yourself to the affordable luxury of adventurously handcrafted natural bar soap!

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